Shang Hai Stone Crusher

Shang Hai Stone Crusher

The shang hai stone crusher is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries. The current commonly used mechanical lithotripsy with jaw crusher, impact crusher, winnowing crusher, hammer crusher,roller crusher, composite crusher etc.

At present, there are many kinds of stone crushers for sale in the kenya, uae, india, maharashtra, pakista, rajasthan, germany and so on, they have different uses, shang hai stone crusher that our company sale roughly divided into the following three categories:

First, coarse broken jaw crusher;

Coarse broken is the first link breakage process, is the primary processing of materials, can choose to have the equipment jaw crusher and the European version of the jaw crusher, the two kinds of stone crusher is different in crushing capacity and crushing efficiency, customers can according to the actual need to purchase.

Second, impact crusher used in the secondary crushing plant;

Crushing is usually carried out in the early break after the first break bulk materials, is broken to a certain extent, convenient processing, and in general is broken granularity material processing to the needs of the customer. The stone crusher broken can choose a pf impact crusher and pfw impact crusher.

stone crusher

Third, fine hydraulic cone crusher or spring cone crusher;

Crushing is generally used in the particle size requirements are relatively high in the production line, general stone production line is the choice of fine coarse crushing in any one of you can, but some stone production line needs three stage crushing can reach the size and shape of the appropriate requirements. You can choose to use the shang hai stone crusher has HCS hydraulic cylinder cone crusher, HP cone crusher and S cone crusher.

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